The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
- Saint Augustine

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Four Grocery Stores and Sunshine

To truly understand fine European cuisine you must experience the bliss of an outdoor cafe basking in the warm glow of the northern sun. I wouldn't know since I'm a college student. But today I made a mission of seeing which grocery store I like best/ had the best options to prepare a meal in the sunshine and try to recreate the moment.

Netto- so very close to my house and inexpensive. Fairly well stocked and clean but still sparse, about the size of a large gas station

Superbrugsen- very scattered but more items. Interesting to note that in Europe the shelves are mostly bare expect for about two things of each item. Surprisingly had gluten free pasta and cookies! Finally! (no testament to how they taste however)

Fatka- this is when I truly began to appreciate American grocery stores. This place looked like Walmarts backstock.

Coop- Expensive healthy foods but by far the best atmosphere, music and most clean. Freaking delicious chocolate covered brazil nuts. I feel a new addiction brewing.

By far my favorite snack of the day and made me feel particularly European was my first purchase of "Cocio" chocolate milk in a glass jar. It may have been a drink for little kids but after wandering around to get my id card for two hours this little chilled pick me up did the trick (behind it is Copenhagen City Hall)
As mentioned before I went to pick up my ID card at the international office at University of Copenhagen and it was so rad! Proof

This library got me so literarily inspired (although I wasn't allowed in- it felt like library of congress) that I went to a book store and picked up some light reading. Ya know... Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, (Which is friggin' boss by the way. Dagny Taggart gets shit done and "Who is John Galt?") The guy at the bookstore laughed at me at the length. I politely replied "Yah, just finished War and Peace, I'm on a roll."

And finally, as for the spoiler alert in the title it WAS BEAUTIFUL AND SUNNY today (for 16 hours)
and I came home to this ... 


  1. Well you found chocolate covered Brazil nuts and chocolate milk. Sounds like you did pretty well. Any vegetables or fruit in your travels. I'm enjoying these stories so much. Thanks for all your insights and photos.
    Love Mom

  2. Beyond jealous, and that building looks.. oh man. I'm loving your updates :]

  3. Ooh tell me when you finish Atlas Shrugged! I never really got to talk to anyone about it after I read it...

  4. Mom- I've also found some bananas, mushrooms and avocados at a local market for a great price. But as they say... when in Rome, eat chocolate.
    Alex- You would love the buildings here, they are truly an architect's dream buildings!
    Johanna- I bought it on you're recommendation- although I'm beginning to rethink buying it because it does really travel around in my bag well, I'm really enjoying it! Hopefully I'll have time to really put some hours into finishing it before I get back.