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- Saint Augustine

Monday, August 1, 2011

Design Porn's Full Scale Fantasy: Tietgen Kollegiet

I know for a fact that were I live would make every person in Haley’s architecture or design class drool, even the hipsters.

Tietgen Kollegiet, built it 2007 is the most modern, innovate, eco friendly and (watch out this is going to be a technical term) FRIGGIN’ AWESOME place I have ever seen.
I thought places like this only existed in The Selby (it’s some obscure website- you’ve probably never heard of it... but just to spite the hipsters it's linked here)
Every space in my room is utilized to its full potential: Storage space with proper ventilation from floor to ceiling: A toilet that has two different flush levels for… various things: purple curtains, bulletin boards AND a complementary helmet for when I get a bike.

The common space looks like a spread out of design porn mixed with pottery barn, cozy yet functional. Everything has it’s purpose- the sub-zero stainless steel fridges, the recycling, the mixing bowls, lights that turn off automatically every hour so they don’t get left on and elevator that “senses” your key card. (Never again will I make a dumb blonde joke)

A fun difference while grocery shopping: they make you pay 3DKK or about 75 cents every time you need a grocery bag, therefore everyone brings their own! 


  1. hahaaha i love the framed pictures of strangers.

  2. Which I totally creeped on before I met them. When they came in, they were like "Hi I live here" and I was like "I know" hahaha

  3. Hi! I just read your blog and loved it! I'm hoping to go on exchange in the University of Copenhagen for the first semester of next year. My first preference for accomodation will obviously be Tietgen, but I was wondering if you had any other recommendations as I realise tietgen is extremely hard to get into. If you could let me know that would be fantastic! Thanks :) Natassia

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