The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
- Saint Augustine

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Disclaimer: This post contains no adventures

Perhaps it might have been overkill trying to squeeze in so many adventures into one long blog post, such as the last one.

So, disclaimer, this blog post will contain no adventures.

I was looking at my return ticket and 6 weeks from today I will be on a plane home to California. So nostalgia set in with the fog this afternoon as I went back on the photos I took for myself over the past three months.

I've stated this before, but I have class one day a week. With my internship twice a week, I have about 4 full days off to do as I please and explore with day trips. There is so much I haven't discovered yet. A few days ago my friend came over to watch a movie on our flat screen and I was JUST taught how to turn it on and connect my computer to the television. The same night I also learned how to properly use the oven (I'll leave it up to your imagination to guess what I've been eating the past three months)

But what's been great about having this free time is the time to take a step back, to take it all in and appreciate it, and to reflect. Oh yes, I certainly have time for reflecting. When it isn't raining I go for runs in the national park just outside my house (apparently Copenhagen's urban planning committee is making sure that in 10 years from now every residence will be within a 15 min walk of a park. Pretty rad) But simply walking around these parks, there must be 50 of them just in the city, while listening to some tunes is the best solution.

Below is a picture of the botanical gardens in Copenhagen's Central University.
Also the best kind of music for garden walking is either The Shins or Simon and Garfunkle. 

But for walking like complete stud I suggest Ratatat 
(I dare you not to have some bounce in your step listening to that)

As I was going for these walks, I found I also had a thing for bridges...

And when going into churches I really can't get over how much I love organs
Above left is from the smaller part of West Minster Abbey in London. 
Above right is from Hamlet's Castle in Helsinor. 
Bottom Left is from the Frederickborg Castle. 
Bottom Right is from St. Fredericks Cathedral in Malmo Sweden. 

Today at the Natural History Museum in Denmark I found my new winter outfit! (The polar bear pants are all the rage with kids these days...)

I also am slowly but surely really digging the Danish food. Which isn't a Danish (har har har) Lots of fresh fish with potatoes, curried sauces, hard boiled eggs and rye bread (which I forgo) and of course the rol polse (the big red sausage sold on street corners) 

Their tea is seriously lacking though. I had my sweet mama send me some Chai and I blew threw two boxes in a little more than a month. I'm chilling with some peppermint but I just can't get groovy with lakrids flavored anything (black licorice- what. To them it's like candy- wait, it IS their candy- but to me and most of my sweet toothed American friends it's poison. My friend Kelley once spat it back out into her hand out of disgust when she was expecting peppermint gum)


Anyway, I told you, no adventure today, just some walks and museums. 

In upcoming news I'll be going to Italy in two weeks time to visit a Phoebe Sherman and I promise to come back with painted nails and some pictures. 

Hej, hej!

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